I’ve always been interested in and fascinated by certain eras in British history: The Middle Ages through the Renaissance, in particular.  As a kid, I loved anything to do with King Arthur, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, etc.  I love the stories, the chivalry, the battles, the politics surrounding feudalism, the kings and the queens.

My interest in these types of things is probably what fueled my love of fantasy novels, many of which have settings and weaponry that are similar to the Middle Ages.  Likewise, my love of British folk music is also due in part to my historical interests.  Bands like Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, The Albion Band, Pentangle, and even some Jethro Tull And Led Zeppelin have long been favorites of mine, filled with interesting string instruments and tales of long ago. Of course, the reality of living in that time period was much more brutal than childhood stories would have had us believe, filled with brutal violence and horrors.  Medical science did not really exist.  It was much more Game of Thrones than it was Knights of the Round Table(minus the magic).

Today, the Trumpster announced his pick for Vice-President, Mike Pence of Indiana.  A list of Pence’s “greatest hits” includes his attempt at so-called religious liberty and his anti-science stances regarding evolution.  Evolution, for god’s sake!  He is already being referred to as the most far right person to ever be on a major party ticket.

We need more than one viable national party for this country to succeed.  Many of us would love to see a genuinely successful, centrist third party emerge. Today’s republican party is stuck in the Middle Ages and is trying with all their might to drag us all back there with them.  Until or unless they get their heads out of the past, the Republican party is in serious danger of extinction.  The world has changed.  Social views continue to progress. Get your heads out of the bible once in a while and take a high school science class, people.

In honor of today’s announcement, I made my first donation to Hillary!

Sir Patrick Spens is a Scottish ballad, first published in 1765.  Fairport Convention did a killer version of it in 1969. I mainly picked it because it rhymes with Pence…



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