Future Games

Every election is about the future, isn’t it?  Has our future ever been more in question though than it is with this year’s presidential election?  Has there ever been a more dangerous presidential candidate than Donny boy?

I’ll be completely honest.  I don’t like Hillary Clinton at all as a presidential candidate, even though I agree with her on the majority of major issues we face.  I just don’t.  It’s not the trust issue.  I think that’s mostly a right wing attack. In reality, how many politicians are “trustworthy”? Who is on the national stage that is truly sincere and believable?  My friends on the right will disagree but I strongly feel that President Obama fits that description.  He’s a very tough act to follow and Hillary suffers in comparison.  Bernie is very sincere in his beliefs.  I like him quite a bit.  I voted for him in the primary.  I love, love, love Elizabeth Warren.  Agree or disagree with her policy ideas but don’t question her sincerity.  Not around me anyway.  Them’s fighting words :).

None of this matters though, as it relates to Hillary.  Compared to Donny boy, she’s steady as a rock.  Can you even imagine what might happen if we were attacked under his watch?  He might blow up the world, for god’s sake.  That is not hyperbole.  Hillary calls him temperamentally unfit and of course she’s correct, but that does not even come close to doing it justice. He’s bat shit crazy.  Come on, admit it.  Deep down, you know he’s nuts.  Maybe you like certain things that he says.  Maybe you appreciate his outsider status. Maybe you hate Hillary.  But deep down, surely you know he’s nuts.  Surely you can admit to yourself that he’s dangerous.  Go ahead and tell the world you’re voting for  him, if you must.  But deep down, privately, in your own head and in the voting booth, you must do the right thing.  You must vote for Hillary.

Our future is truly at stake.  And it ain’t no game.


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