I Am A Camera

Do you they do anything right in North Carolina these days?  That governor has to go.  We’re all aware of the various issues revolving around the police and the black lives matter movement.  As with most complex issues, it’s not black and white(no pun intended).  To me, the correct, common sense position is a nuanced shade of grey. We appreciate the courage and the sacrifices that our police forces show, while also recognizing that some of them are “bad apples” and need to go.

I think that forcing all law enforcement officers to wear body cameras is an important step forward.  It gives us a picture of what’s happening.  It keeps them honest.  It can help to build trust with the communities they are policing.  It’s a win win all around.  Not in North Carolina though!


You would think that with the severe backlash the state has received in light of their bathroom law, they might tread a little lighter and, I don’t know, take some sensitivity training classes or something.  The backlash continues for the state.  I just read that Duke now has a hole in their schedule.


I’ll say it again.  That governor has to go!  I love the state.  We’ve vacationed in the Outer Banks twice for family reunions.  Twenty-five of us, spending major money.  We’ll never go back unless they get their act together.  I know we’re not alone.  There will be a severe economic impact on the state.  Hit em where it hurts, in their wallets.

I am a camera, camera, camera



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