Carry On 

Regular readers of this blog already know my feelings about guns in our society. For the most part,  I hate them. Common sense reasons for having them such as hunting and self defense are one thing.  The  gross gun fetish that too many Americans have is quite another.

One of the worst ideas ever as it relates to guns is the concept of open carry. Why  in the world does  anyone need to walk around town with a gun holstered to their side? Concealed carry is bad enough but I suppose you could come up with certain reasons for it. As my friend said yesterday,  anyone who lives near bears should be able to carry a gun. Okay,  I suppose so. Open carry is different though.  Go to the mall. Go to your nearest Target. Look around. Do you want all of those people carrying guns? What if,  god forbid,  there is an incident? Do you want Joe Public pulling out a gun to go after a bad guy? Joe Public,  who has zero training dealing with life and death,  split second decisions? No thanks.

I read what the Dallas mayor said in the wake of the tragedy there.

Open carry made a very dangerous situation even worse. The police could not distinguish between the “good guys with guns” and the “bad guys with guns”.

This is an incredibly stupid idea. It’s way  overboard. It defies reason and common sense. It’s a batshit crazy idea. Tell them,  Hawkeye.


7 thoughts on “Carry On 

  1. I find most people unable to carry a conversation, let alone a gun.
    People of Walmart comes to mind….because most people forget that they too, will be able to carry the ability to determine “who lives and who dies.”


    1. Taking something that works in a sparsely populated, rural state and assuming it will work for the whole country is folly. As far as DC or Chicago, see my post titled Islands, if you’re interested. I don’t expect to change your mind and you definitely will not change mine. Take care.


  2. Agreed. I know Vermont well. My parents are from Vermont. One from Burlington (big city lol) and the other from way up north in the “North East Kingdom” about a mile from the Ca/US border where “sparsely populated” is an understatement. The mentality, as well as the demographic, of Vermont is about as polar opposite as Chicago and D.C as one can get…more so if we are talking specifically about where the gun-related deaths are in those cities. I lived just outside Chicago and love the city. If you “dot” the locations where homicides take place you will quickly realize that they are located in a very defined area. I will let others research that demographic……


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