The Supremes

It’s been months since President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court and as you probably know, the Senate Republicans have refused to give his nomination a vote.  This is unprecedented in the history of our country and it’s having a serious effect.  It’s not as if SCOTUS stops hearing cases.  No, they just hear them anyway and if they are tied, the lower court ruling stands.  Just today, two big rulings came down, on immigration and on affirmative action.  Serious issues, obviously.  They deserve to have a full SCOTUS to rule on them.  We deserve it.

How anyone can be a republican anymore is beyond me.  If we don’t do something soon, we’re going to self destruct as a country.  Maybe we need term limits for Congress. Maybe we need to outlaw gerrymandering to do away with extreme candidates.

Each session of Congress is worse than the last one.  They agree on nothing and achieve nothing.  They can’t even agree on the common sense gun reforms that 90% of the country agree with.  The House Dems have to resort to a sit-in?  Where’s John & Yoko when we need them?  Maybe they could all stay in bed for a week next time to make their point.

Maybe if congressional Republicans don’t believe we have a gun problem, we should just take away the metal detectors at the Capitol.  I’m sure they’ll be fine!

And for a slightly more psychedelic take on this great song:


9 thoughts on “The Supremes

  1. I don’t think we’ll self-destruct as a country (and I don’t think Europe nor Britain will fall apart after Brexit). We need to be more sensible. I don’t even know if one could say “it’s the republicans!!” To me its specific people and specific mentalities. There are undoubtedly many reasonable Repubs out there.
    I agree wholeheartedly with term limits. This is not a career. It’s an opportunity to serve. Unfortunately there are no longer people in Congress with the mentality required to propel something bigger than themselves. Example..Collins no more cares about the US than a Congolese fisherman. He is concerned with working the inside for the benefit of himself.


  2. And here’s where we always diverge. You see it as “my side vs their side”. I see it as “all of them vs us”. I don’t expect to change your mind and you won’t be changing mine any time soon.


    1. That’s not quite my position. It’s hard not to observe that one side is much much worse though. Staying on the sideline accomplishes nothing and is useless. Much better to take a stand where possible. My beef is mostly with congressional Republicans, who do nothing but block progress.


  3. I feel the best approach is to remove the oxygen from both side. Oxygen comes in the form of money and publicity, which is really just a proxy for money. Only by taking away the easy path will they actually be forced to work toward real solutions. But.. hey.. at least you think my position is useless.


    1. Seriously, how would you go about taking money and publicity out of politics? And you call me idealistic… That ship sailed a long time ago. I always love solving the world’s problems with you though.


  4. From a congressional standpoint…yes. It’s the republicans that really refuse to look at a compromise. I understand holding fast on some topics but not things like common sense gun laws.

    Unfortunately you won’t be able to take the money out of politics because the lobbyist (former congressmen) and congressmen (future lobbyist) really like bathing in the benjamins so you’d really have to get some high powered movement going from I don’t know where….and since currently no self-respecting person wants to go through the torture of a campaign and no one without massive financial resources can anyways… On that note I’m moving to a small island off the coast.

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