1 B4 I Die

Congratulations to the great people of Cleveland!  I watched the first and fourth quarters of Game 7 last night, fitting in the penultimate Game of Thrones episode of the season in-between(what can I say, basketball is my least favorite, by far, of the 4 major sports).  Game of Thrones absolutely rocked, by the way.  If you’re not watching this show, you’re crazy.

So Cleveland has their first major sport championship in over fifty years, and even then, that was counting an AFL title, which hardly counts in my book.  The Bills have an AFL title too but who really cares about it at this point?  As far as I’m concerned, until or unless the Bills or Sabres win one, Buffalo does not have a major sport’s title(all due respect to the Bandits).

Will it ever happen for us?  Will it happen in my lifetime?  Time is short, Kim and Terry.  Let’s “get er done” while those of us who have lived through the last 50 years of Buffalo sports misery are still young enough to enjoy it.

It seems to me that the Sabres are more likely to make it happen in the near future than the Bills are.  Here are the positives: A smart, gutsy GM in Tim Murray, an owner with deep pockets, a young core of talented players.  There are some question marks(not a fan of this coach so far), but the Blue & Gold have a genuine shot at a Cup in the next five years.  As for the Bills?  They seem to be spinning their wheels and I don’t see anything good happening for them any time soon.

What would we do with ourselves if we won one?  Would it change how we think about ourselves and our city?  Man, I hope to find out.  One before I die!





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