Turning Point?

I had a different blog post in mind today.  I was going to right about “lonely on the road songs”.  It’s been percolating in my head for a few days but how do I go ahead with that when Senator Murphy from Connecticut just pulled a surprise, 15 hour filibuster on common sense gun measures? He stopped around 2am when the senate republicans agreed on a vote.  Now, they haven’t voted on anything yet, and there’s still plenty of room for this to go south, but it’s a start.

They are going to vote on an amendment that would ban people on the terror watch list from buying guns and also to finally close the gun show loophole, after all these years.  These are just common sense ideas that almost every reasonable person can agree with.  No one is “taking away your guns”.  If you’re that paranoid about it, it may be time to put down the bong.

I admit that I spent a fair amount of my workday yesterday watching the filibuster at my desk.  It was fascinating to watch.  I have great respect for what Senator Murphy just accomplished.  He pleaded with his colleagues across the aisle, saying that 90% of the American public are supporting these two ideas.  They are not contentious.  He also suggested that they put aside the more contentious issues for today, such as the assault weapon ban and just focus on the issues that everyone can agree on.

Rather than rail on the republicans for holding this up for so long, today I’m just going to be happy that something, anything, is getting accomplished.  It’s a start!  I’ll take it.  Is it a turning point, though?  Could it possibly serve as a turning point for the senate to stop with all of their posturing and actually get things done, to focus on other issues where there is actually common ground?  Seems unlikely, doesn’t it?

Could this horrific tragedy in Orlando serve as a turning point relating to guns though and how we view them in this country?  Have we finally reached the point where we just can’t take another one of these tragedies?  Will it take the next horrific, mass murder to push our politicians to ban assault style weapons?  Lots of questions and never many answers…

Black cloud on the sun, I turned my collar up
And walked from your door up to the county road
Oh yeah, what luck, the timings been rough on us
Right then, oh boy, we hit the turning point

Three or four years or more my life was on the floor
Blind faith, hangin’ in hungry and tired of it
Oh yeah, better luck, it takin’ over us
But right now, oh boy, we’ve hit the turning point

She’s had to follow me up and down these empty streets
Whiskey on her breath tryin’ to give the world a test
Oh yeah, better luck, it takin’ over us
Right now, oh boy, we’ve hit the turning point

Yeah right now, oh boy, we’ve hit the turning point
Yeah right now, oh boy, we’ve hit the turning point
We’ve hit the turning point


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