I’ve Got a Crush On You

Apologies in advance to the lovely Missus.  We’ve had a good run but hey, if you’re willing to share me, maybe we can work something out.  I’ve got my eye on someone new.  Her name is Liz.  She’s kind of a big deal.  You may have seen her in the news lately, ripping Trump and the GOP to shreds.

Of course, I’m speaking of Senator Elizabeth Warren, my new political crush. This woman is fearless.  She takes no prisoners!  If you haven’t seen the video of her speech last night, you should take the time to watch it. It’s a master class on how to destroy your political opponents.


Now granted, it’s really not that hard to attack Trump at this point.  He’s a joke.  Warren absolutely eviscerates Trump here but what really sealed the deal for me is the way she so effectively linked Trump To Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and most of their fellow congressional republicans. These people know that Trump is an awful candidate.  They know he’s said blatantly racist things, and yet they are still endorsing him.  Sorry fellas, you can’t have it both ways and not expect to get called out on it.  Do something original.  Put your country ahead of your party and speak out against your disgusting, awful presidential candidate.  Or Don’t.  My gal Liz will just continue to beat you all over the head with it.

Warren went on Maddow after the speech to officially endorse Hillary. If Hillary wants to generate some excitement going into the general and also win over the Bernie people, she should immediately start vetting Warren for Veep.


Ooh, I got a crush on you…



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