When the Levee Breaks

For the past year or so, it seemed like no matter what craziness came out of Trump’s mouth, it had no effect.  His supporters just ignored it or laughed it off.  Mexicans are rapists?  Oh that Trump, he’s not afraid to speak his mind!  Make fun of a handicapped reporter?  Oh that Trump, he’s just misunderstood!  Make fun of John McCain for getting captured in Vietnam?  Oh well, McCain deserved it for losing to Obama anyway.  Make fun of women in fifty different ways? We should have never given them the right to vote anyway(just satire)!

Donald Trump: 15 Nastiest Things He’s Said About Women

Well Donny boy, it’s looks like the tide is finally turning and the lunacy that’s been coming out of your mouth is finally catching up to you, like too much rain finally breaking the levee.  You attacked that judge in a blatant act of racism and no one serious is standing by your comments.  Hell, you won’t even take back your comments.  Time’s up, Donny.  Your friends are abandoning you, like rats jumping off of a ship sinking in a sea of racism.

Hewitt is calling on the RNA to dump you.


Politicians are starting to rescind their endorsements of you.


The party’s over, Donny boy.  Time to crawl back into your reality television hole.





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