You Speak My Language

Do you remember the old I Love Lucy episode where they are vacationing in France? Lucy gets into her usual trouble, this time involving counterfeit money and the French Police.  There is a language barrier and it takes three different people to translate from one language to the next.  As with all Lucy episodes, it was hilarious.


Well, as funny as that was, we will no longer need a line of translation, thanks to a devise straight out of that other great Desilu show, Star Trek.   Yes, I’m talking about the universal translator.

According to this Wiki page, the idea of a universal translator first appeared in 1945.

As with so many things, science fiction has now become science reality. Check this out.

In-Ear Device That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

It’s real time, in-ear, foreign translation, and is being sold at a very reasonable price.  Assuming it really works, this is absolutely amazing.  Just think, all those years of Spanish or French lessons, all for nothing!

There’s so much wrong with the world but at the same time, we truly do live in an amazing time.


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