Animal Zoo

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the gorilla incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, where a 4 year old kid somehow got into the enclosure and the gorilla had to be shot and killed.

It’s a crappy story and it absolutely stinks that the animal had to be put down.  It’s too bad that they couldn’t tranquilize him instead of killing him but I’m not going to second guess the zookeeper.  He obviously knows better than I do.

For the past couple of days though, I and many others have been wondering how in the world the kid got in there and have been blaming the mother.  Of course, on a very basic level, it is her fault but I think we should give her a break and file this under “shit happens”.

Try to remember what it’s like to have a 4 year old.  Those little bastards will squirm away from you in a heartbeat.  It made me remember an infamous story in my own family.  An old friend from college was visiting with his wife and daughter.  His daughter and my son were about 4 years old at the time.  We drove to Niagara Falls to have a nice family day there.  We’re on the Canadian side and had to park fairly far up from The Falls.  As we crossed the road, I was holding my son’s hand on one side and my friend’s daughter’s hand on the other side.  We make it across the road and as soon as we hit the grass, my son rips his hand out of mine and bolts towards the river!  Now, this is Canada we’re in.  It’s not like New York.  There was no barrier.  Everyone starts screaming and I sprinted towards my son and caught him maybe four or five feet before the river’s edge.  It happened bang bang, just like that.  Shit happens.

I remember my wife asking me in the car, on the way home, what would you have done if he got swept away?  I told her I would have dove in after him, and tried my best to save us both, but that it would mainly have been for appearances.  There was little chance of living through it.  A father can hardly stand there and watch his little kid go over Niagara Falls.  You have to go over with him!

So there it is.  We can be quick to judge but sometimes it’s better to lay off and give people a break.  Shit happens.

Great song from a great band.  Spirit with Animal Zoo!


4 thoughts on “Animal Zoo

  1. Some Facts
    1. Children are more than a handful to properly supervise at all times and no parents are not perfect: I walked, alone, across all 4 lanes of the NYS Thruway at 2 1/2 years of age and thankfully lived to tell the tale.
    2. Gorillas and children don’t play well together. It is best to keep them apart. [opinion- gorillas should remain in the wild as was intended]
    3. No fear grips a parent like the prospect of losing your child right before your eyes,


      1. Tried to have the game named “Fisher” but the marketing department was convinced that “Frogger” had a more compelling ring to it. And now you know…the rest of the story.


  2. I think part of the problem is the phenomena that online opinion has some intrinsic value. Maybe i only feel this way because I’ve been around it for a long time.. but.. the vast majority of these “people” I wouldn’t let watch a stray dog.. much less my kids. The media has figured out that the following are true…
    1.) Given any story there will be at least some example of each of the worst.. illiterate.. moronic.. positions taken by people online.
    2.) They can garner attention by amplifying these statements by repeating them as “people think”.
    3.) Profit

    The internet gives everyone a voice.. not everyone has actually earned the right for their opinion to matter.

    Just igrnore it .. something else will happen in a few days for everyone to be outraged about.


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