It’s a mixed bag on the blog today.

Yesterday was number two son’s final game of his high school baseball career, as his team lost in the second round of the playoffs.  He and his teammates, especially his fellow seniors,  were crushed by the loss.  Baseball, like all sports these days, is a year round endeavor.  They’ve been working out and training since school started in the Fall.  Sports, like life, can be very cruel.  There are way more losers than there are winners.  After the game, he just sat there on the bench in the dugout, not wanting to leave, as the reality of the situation sank in.  Tough for a parent to watch but I was proud of him and the way he competed and even though my words probably didn’t mean much to him at the time, I said them anyway as I gave him a hug.  We’ll let it sink in for a day or two and then start looking forward to what will hopefully be a very successful college baseball career for him.  I can’t help but wonder how hard that final game will be for him four years from now.

Last fall, I wrote about my lawn.  You can read that scintillating blog entry right here.


Well, here we are in May and my lawn has entered the “embarrassment of the neighborhood” phase.  I did what I swore I would never do and paid for a weed killer company to come spray my yard with harmful, disgusting chemicals.  We’re killing the environment but hey, the yard looks great!  I can hear some of you now, “Oh, you’re just exaggerating, it’s not that bad”.  Really?  If this crap was not so dangerous, why do they give you a book the size of the King James Bible to explain all of the warnings and health hazards?  Holy crap!  I’m not joking, the book of warnings has some serious weight to it.  All in the name of killing one set of plants because society has decided they don’t look good?  How messed up is that?  And what is it doing to our health?

Finally, there’s The Tragically Hip and the terrible news that we all woke up to today.


The Hip are perhaps the greatest rock band to ever come out of Canada.  Their words and music have touched so many of us.  It’s going to be an emotional summer for the band and for their fans.  As a border town, Buffalo has always been quick to embrace Canadian artists long before the rest of the U.S. catches on.  I’m positive that The Hip will schedule a stop here this summer on what looks like will be their farewell tour.  Endings are always hard to accept.


One thought on “Endings

  1. Man, you are all over the place!
    That was a great game. …and as always, greater for some than others. Such is sports. High School sports, in my mind is the “last fine time” in sports for kids (as much as many parents work their hardest to take it away) The “team” is more than kids on the field as many have grown up together. After high school it’s all business….Fun but all business.
    I hate weeds…but rarely spray. 1x every couple of years.
    Gord’s situation is beyond anything that I’d be able to say. Terrible situation for the family.


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