Gimme Shelter

It’s a sunny Friday in Buffalo and time to step away from politics and take it easy for a bit.  Rather than dwell on the latest inexplicable poll numbers, let’s instead turn our attention to that age old question, Beatles or Stones?

When I was younger, there was no question in my mind that it was The Beatles.  From Twist & Shout right through to Let it Be, I was all about The Beatles.  I loved the early rock n roll, the folk, the psychedelia, the protest music(Revolution is perfect), and more than anything, side two of Abbey Road.

I had heard the individual songs and maybe at some point, I did hear the complete side two, but it didn’t register.  Then, in my sophomore year at UB, I taped someone’s album, popped it in my walkman(how 80’s can you get?), and my jaw just dropped.  I remember very clearly thinking that this music demanded my attention.  It was a warm night and I walked out of the Fargo dorm and sat on a bench by Lake Lasalle so I could listen without any distractions.  Then I rewound the tape and listened again.  It’s that good.

Anyway, as I’ve aged, I don’t think I’ve become less of a fan of The Beatles but my appreciation for The Stones has greatly increased, to the point where I like them and listen to them much more than The Beatles.  I’m not sure that they have any one album side as perfect as side two of Abbey Road but overall, I love The Stones much more than I do The Beatles these days.  I saw them last summer at Rich Stadium(hey, this is an 80’s post, it’s called Rich Stadium) for the first time and was absolutely blown away by how good they were.  I’d go see them over and over again if I could.  Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter

  1. I thought the quintessential choice was between Elvis and The Beatles (per Mia Wallace’s query of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction)? In that instance I choose the Beatles. Beatles or Stones at this point in my life?? Gonna go have to go with the Stones. Both their music and their personalities are grittier and more “persistent”. The Stones music still demands my regular attention. Gritty and persistent just about sums up my existence at this point in life too!

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