I’m Not a Scientist But…

Doesn’t it always seem like whenever someone starts off a sentence that way, especially a politician, that they’re about to spout off with some ignorant comment?  Can you believe that there is even a Wiki page devoted solely to the phrase, I’m not a scientist but?


In today’s post, I’m not going to beat you over the head again about climate change or the age of the earth.  I do reserve the right to do so tomorrow and the next day though.  We have to hold our political leader’s(mostly republicans) collective feet to the fire regarding science and make sure they separate facts from fiction.  Let’s leave that for another day though.

Today, let’s look at yet another way that scientists are helping to save the earth.  Or more specifically, helping to save human life on earth.  The actual earth ain’t going anywhere, barring catastrophe.  It’s human life on earth that is in serious danger.  Check this out:


As the earth’s human population continues to explode, and with temperatures continuing to rise(okay, I did mention it. moving on), we are facing the likelihood of extreme food and water shortages in the near future.  It won’t matter to us older folks but it sure would be nice if our kids and gulp, grandkids, had decent lives too.

So thank you, scientists, for figuring out a way to get a larger yield out of the same amount of land than previously thought possible.  This is a potentially huge breakthrough!  Now if they could only figure out a way for us to elect people to congress that don’t think science is a dirty word…

Don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology…


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