Nerdy Fanboy

Have Marvel and DC taken over the pop culture world?  It seems like superheroes have conquered the worlds of film and television these days.  I’m more than okay with this because I’ve been a fanboy since I first started collecting comic books in the early 70’s.  Not everyone seems to be as enthused as I am though.  I’ve had recent conversations with several different people who have all said the same thing.  They’re tired of comic book movies.  I get it, I suppose.  If you didn’t grow up loving this stuff, it may get a bit tiresome to you.  Not me though. Captain America was a fabulous movie.  Whoever wrote it had a firm grasp on who these characters are and what they’re all about.  It’s not all just punches and explosions.  These are intricate, well thought out stories.  Just as importantly, Marvel has done an amazing job over the past nine years casting these roles.

I’ve never been much of a DC fan and thought the Superman v Batman movie was far inferior to most of the Marvel films.  It was humorless and had questionable casting.  DC has had a fair amount of success on the small screen though.  Arrow and The Flash are both entertaining shows, although they do tend to get a bit cheesy at times.  I can’t get into Legends of Tomorrow at all.  Super cheese whiz there.

I think Marvel kind of blew it with Agents of Shield but I did like Haley Atwell in Agent Carter quite a bit.  Nothing compares to the Marvel offerings on Netflix though.  Both seasons of Daredevil were phenomenal and Jessica Jones was even better.  I’m sorry but casting David Tenant(the best modern Doctor, by far!), as The Purple Man was shear genius.  He knocked it out of the park.  Next up on Netflix is Luke Cage(Sweet Christmas!) in September, with Iron Fist and a full blown Defenders series coming in the near future.  This fanboy can’t wait!

There are many songs that mention superheroes and even though I’m not a Superman fan at all, REM killed it with this one, from Life’s Rich Pageant in 1986.


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