Let’s Be Realistic

As horrifying and as embarrassing and as dangerous as it is to have Trump win the republican nomination, he has little to no chance of winning the presidency.  Hillary Clinton has a very high unfavorable rating and is a flawed candidate, to say the least.  However, she’s head and shoulders above her opponent(I’m assuming Bernie will eventually go away, as much as I love him).

Let’s put issues aside for the moment and just focus on demographics.  Republicans have little to no chance of winning a national election in the foreseeable future.  The planets would have to align for them to win the presidency, even with the best of candidates.  The numbers just ain’t there, folks.  This article and many others like it explain the math.


Now, take those numbers and add in the fact that the majority of women voters hate Donald Trump and you have the makings of  a landslide.  Again, for the purposes of this post, we are not looking at issues, only numbers.  Barring an unforeseen scandal, Trump is toast and a little over six months from now, we can officially kick him to the political curb, where he belongs.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Realistic

  1. I believe you are way under estimating Trump and his appeal, much as his opposition has all along. It also seems the harder political insiders try and stop him the more steam he gains. While I am on the opposite side of the political coin as you I did not support Trump in the PA primary, but will in the general election.
    Admittedly Trump has a lot of work to do between now and election day to win over certain portions of the voting public. Picking the right running mate would go a long way to that end.


    1. The numbers don’t come close to adding up for him. The perfect republican candidate would have a very hard time winning a national election. The numbers don’t lie. He’s as far from perfect as you can get. I stand by what I said. He has little to no chance. There are many in his own party who will not even vote for him. I think he’ll have a very hard time finding a good running mate too.


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