Michael Collins & Don Cherry

There’s this really great old Jethro Tull song called  For Michael Collins, Jeffrey, and Me,  off of their underrated third album, Benefit.  Michael Collins was the third member of the Apollo 11 crew and went all of the way to the moon but had to stay in the capsule while Armstrong and Aldrin went down to the surface.  He went all that way and didn’t get to go down to the surface too.  I wonder how he lived with that?

Anyway, it got me to thinking about my perception of NASA and specifically, the moon landings.  To me, they’re both futuristic and yet also a part of the past.  I can’t think of anything more futuristic than space travel and yet, it’s now just a piece of history.  The last manned moon landing was Apollo 17 in 1972! Isn’t it weird how something can bring about such contradictory feelings?

I get a kick out of those types of contradictions.  For instance, I’ve always found humor in the fact that Don Cherry’s nickname is Grapes(it so often comes back to hockey).  I find that to be very funny.  If I had a red dog, I would definitely name him Blue.  I like it when tall characters in old movies are named Tiny or short guys are names Stretch.  Hey, I never claimed to have a high brow sense of humor!

These are my random thoughts on a Friday afternoon when I’m fried by the work week.

I’m with you L.E.M.
though it’s a shame that it had to be you.
The mother ship is just a blip
from your trip made for two.
I’m with you boys, so please employ just a little extra care.
It’s on my mind I’m left behind
when I should have been there.
Walking with you.


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