Another Thing Comin’

Did anyone happen to catch 60 minutes last night?  One of the stories, by Norah O’donnell, was about Congress and how much of their time is spent fundraising.

Care to guess how much time that they are required to spend each day fundraising?  It’s anywhere from 2-4 hours per day!  Congress gets nothing done as it is and their approval ratings are lower than the KKK’s and this is how they spend their time?  It’s against the law for them to raise money while they are in the Capitol so they walk down the street every day to RNC and DNC buildings and spend their time telemarketing.  They are provided with a script and personal details about who they are calling.

This is infuriating.  We have so many real problems that need to be tackled and they are spending half of their time raising money for their next reelection. One republican Congressman from Florida, David Jolly, proposed the Stop Act, in an effort to put a stop to this.  Only six congressmen had the guts to sign on with him so far.

On ’60 Minutes,’ David Jolly makes a pitch for the Stop Act

This appears to the result of what may be the worst supreme court decision in modern times, Citizen’s United.

For anyone who wonders why Trump and Sanders have done as well as they have this year, look no further.  People are fed up with the status quo and are itching for change.  For anyone who thinks that elections don’t matter or that their vote doesn’t count, citizen’s united is a perfect example of why we need to elect a president who will use this case as a litmus test for future court appointments.

I’m not much of a heavy metal fan anymore but for a brief period in the early 80’s, I thought it was fun.  I saw Priest on the British Steel tour and it was pretty damn cool.  This song came out a couple years later but seems appropriate for how angry this story made me.



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