New York Primary

Tomorrow is primary day here in New York and being the political animal that I am, I have some thoughts.  First off, I love that New York is actually in play on both sides and that we get to have a say in this process.  Most years, the deal is done by the time the New York primary comes around.  2008 was the only primary which I ever voted in where the outcome was not already settled.

Since New York is in play, we are getting political commercials and visits by some of the candidates here in Buffalo.  Seriously, this never happens here.  I like it.  I watch a fair amount of news but have only seen Bernie commercials and one that was anti-Kasich(I’m not sure who made the commercial because they spoke too fast at the end).  I’ve seen this commercial quite a bit on the Buffalo airwaves:

I’m not sure what this says about me but I love this commercial.  It features an all-time great song and I find it to be moving.  I posted that on my Facebook page and a very liberal cousin of mine said that it creeped her out because there were not enough minorities in the commercial.  It’s probably a valid criticism.  I didn’t notice because I was too into the music and the general feeling which the commercial conveyed.  I also take it with a slight grain of salt because she’s a staunch Hillary supporter.  It’s one thing to point out the lack of minorities in the commercial but to be creeped out?  C’mon now, cuz!

In addition to commercials, some of the candidates have actually visited Buffalo.  Again, this never happens.  The primaries are always settled and because NY always goes Democrat, we get no attention in the general.  Hillary was here last week but chose a very strange place and time.  Her one public rally was on a weekday morning at an obscure venue.  She drew about 1500 people according to the local news.  Very weird. The Clintons are huge here and, you might remember, had a huge rally here right after Bill was impeached.

Ted Cruz did a town hall type of event at UB, which was taped and broadcast on MSNBC(fun to see Chuck Todd in town and eating wings at The Anchor Bar).  As you can imagine, Cruz ain’t so popular here.  The event was “invite only” at the Kathryn Cornell Theater, which is not very large at all.  I saw Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin debate each other there when I was a student at UB in the 80’s.

Bernie Sanders also came to UB last week and spoke at Alumni Arena(I saw Peter Gabriel there in ’86.  Awesome show!).  About 3500 people were unable to get in and all told, estimates are that he Bernie drew about 12,500 people.

And then there’s Sauron, I mean Donald Trump.  He’s in town tonight and is speaking at the hockey arena downtown.  He is expected to draw a full house of over 18,000 people.  Yikes!

****4/19/16 UPDATE according to news reports, Trump only drew 11,000 people****

It certainly appears that Trump and Hillary will both win New York.  I’ve been going back and forth about who I’ll vote for tomorrow.  I’m leaning towards Bernie but will certainly vote for Hillary in the general if she wins.

I was watching Bourdain last night and he was in South Africa.  It’s easy to forget that it’s only been 19 years since white rule ended.  Made me think of Biko.  Funny how this all ties together.



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