Sports Rant

I grew up as a sports fanatic.  I followed the MLB every single day of the summer.  I was a stats geek and the day my mom would bring home the current Sporting News, which listed all the stats each week, was always a great day for me(yes kids, you could only get stats once per week before the internet).  Baseball was my first love because I played it and because I went to a ton of AAA games every summer(a proud member of the Rochester Red Wings knot hole club).  I quickly became a big NFL and NBA fan too and by the time I was ten or so, I started following the NHL, which in the following years, became my biggest sports passion.

I say all this to preface the fact that I’m worn out by professional sports.  I’m worn out by the scandals and I’m especially worn out by the greed.  It’s always been a business and I understand that.  But the greed!  How much is ever enough?  What’s got me in this sporting funk, you ask?

Yes, soccer(Futbol) fans, I’m well aware that this has been done in Europe for years.  Good for them.  In an age where leagues hold cities hostage for new buildings at the taxpayer’s expense and in an age where salaries and ticket prices increase at rates far higher than the average fan’s salaries ever will, how much is ever enough?  These tiny patches will generate an additional $150 million for the NBA.  How long before that’s not enough and the whole uniform is covered?  Today’s game is between the LA Dairy Queens and the Chicago Chevy’s.  It’s not like the NBA is taking that $150 million and saying, hey fans, we’re going to lower ticket prices for you.  No, of course not.  Again, how much money is enough for these greedy bastards and when will we as fans ever say fuck you, enough is enough?

Rant over 🙂


I saw VH twice with DLH, in 1980 and 1981.  Two of the most fun shows I ever went to but those are R rated stories and this is a PG page(sorry mom). This song is sort of about greed but mostly just a kick ass song for a Friday.


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