The A Team

I have an extensive background in the retail world,  having spent countless hours working in both a high volume newstand and also in more specialized retail stores. I also worked in a fast food restaurant for a bit. I acquired this experience back in high school and college, most of it working for a family business.

I remember being taught to hustle at all times. It was important to be both fast and accurate in equal proportions. It always made me smile when my brother in law would walk in the store and say,  we’ve got the A team working today.

For years now, my kids have chuckled at me whenever we are in a drive-thru or any retail environment and the service is sub par. They know my blood pressure is rising and think it’s hilarious. They didn’t have the A Team working today,  did they dad? No bud,  that was the C team today. I just hate poor service. I don’t care if you’re making minimum wage. You have a job. Do it to the best of your abilities.

Anyway,  I’m in the Tim Horton drive thru today and it’s a good thing the boys weren’t with me because I’m still annoyed, not with the employees, but with the people in the car ahead of me. I’m sitting there waiting my turn to order. I hear the employee thru the speaker and when I haven’t moved up in line after a couple minutes,  I notice that both people in the car ahead of me are signing to each other. They’re hearing impaired. How they thought they would navigate through a drive-thru is beyond me.  They eventually made their way to the window where they passed notes back and forth to order and pay.

Now,  I’m not that familiar with the deaf community but I’m guessing that using a drive-thru is not that common. Wouldn’t it be much easier for everyone if they parked and went in? I’m not trying to be insensitive. It just seemed a bit rude to hold everyone up.  Am I being politically incorrect? Probably. And if this is the worst thing that happens to me today then I’m doing okay. I know these things. Just thought I’d share this little slice of my life today. Years from now,  when I’m long gone,  my kids might read this and get a good laugh.


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