Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, Oh My!

Following up on my recent post about idiotic people who don’t vaccinate their children, I just read this article:

What do you know?  In a county in California with the second lowest immunization rate(77%) and a kindergarten class with only a 43% rate, there was a measles outbreak.  Who’d a thunk it?

I truly don’t understand this willful ignorance that some people have.  We(the world) solved this problem years ago.  Yet according to this article, there are still 146,000 recorded deaths around the world each year due to Measles.  I assume most of those deaths are in countries where the vaccine is not readily available and that’s a whole other sad problem which should not really be that hard to solve.  But to live here, where the vaccine is there for you and what should be your healthy child and to ignorantly say that you know better?  It’s like these people are desperately treading water, are thrown a life preserver, but don’t believe in the science of a flotation device and would rather sink.

It’s become such a problem that the state of California had to pass a new law which requires all children attending school to be vaccinated.  Religious or personal reasons will no longer be considered valid and parents will have to home school their children if they refuse to vaccinate.  How ridiculous is it that the state had to do that?


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