One Thing – One Time

If you could change one thing in this country, what would it be?  What one, single thing would do the most good?  It has to be something that is humanly possible and it can’t be something that has not yet been discovered(a cure for cancer, for example).

Is there a law that you’d change?  Would you outlaw handguns or outlaw gay marriage(I hope not)?  Maybe you’d abolish the IRS?  How about doing away with the electoral college and making it a straight, one for one vote?  Or maybe you’d change the voting process so that all citizens are automatically registered to vote, as the President is suggesting?

There are so many possibilities, aren’t there?  It’s a tough question.  I think that if I could change one thing, I would make sure that there were strict term limits for every public office in the land.  Too often, politicians vote in their own self interest instead of in the common good.  Term limits in Congress might curb the amount of obstruction.  It seems to me that public service should be just that, service.  It should probably not be a career(for elected officials).

Term limits would also give us the opportunity to have fresh blood and fresh ideas.  Maybe politicians would feel less beholden to special interests.  It seems reasonable that term limits would help to prevent corruption in office.  It also seems reasonable to think that a politician would be more motivated to get things done if he or she is only there for a limited time.  What say you?


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