Just Another Day in Buffalo

My step son bought us an awesome Christmas present this year, four tickets to a Sabres game against the Winnipeg Jets. The game was yesterday afternoon and I had a great time with him and the boys.

The Sabres looked good.  Despite  spotting the Jets a 2-0 early lead,  the home town boys rallied back and won it 3-2.  The score was close but I thought we outplayed them for most of the game. It was particularly fun to be there to see Hudson Fasching score a goal in his first NHL game. Reinhart scored the second goal and then set up Eichel for the game winner. All three goals were scored by kids younger than my # 1 son. It’s exciting to see them build this team. They’ve had a pretty good second half of the season and have a chance to finish at. 500.

The building was packed and the crowd was much more lively than the Edmonton game a few weeks earlier. I felt sorry for the organist in that game. He kept trying to get the “let’s go Buffalo” chant going and was met with total silence the entire game. I mean crickets. Yesterday,  the crowd started the chant on their own multiple times. It felt a little like the old days,  when springtime hockey was a regular thing here.

Between periods I went to the bathroom and was standing there,  waiting my turn. A middle aged guy came in behind me and in response to seeing the President on television,  started talking to me about how much he hates him and dropping F bombs about the President.  I didn’t say anything. I just kind of shrugged and said nothing. He kept talking. More F bombs. I still said nothing. I really didn’t want to have a political conversation in a bathroom with a stranger. Plus,  I really had to pee. Will these people in front of me please hurry up? I’m sick of listening to this guy. Upon finally realizing that I’m not going to engage him in this conversation,  he says to me,  “not interested in politics,  huh”?  Finally,  it was my turn and as I walked to the urinal,  I just said that actually,  I’m very interested in politics.

What was I supposed to say to this guy? I didn’t agree with him but had no interest in engaging him in a political conversation . I just wanted to do my business and get out of there.

Go Sabres!


3 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Buffalo

  1. It’s like I’ve taught you nothing. The only reasonable response in such a situation is “oh.. I don’t have to go.. I’m just here to watch”.

    I really don’t know what happened to society that we all of a sudden feel free to accost strangers with our political views. It’s not just America either.. I’ve spent hours arguing with strangers who feel perfectly within their right to give me grief about US foreign policy just because I’m in their local pub and happen to have a blue passport with an eagle on it. I’ve always defended us by saying that as a country we don’t care what (country X where I’m visiting) thinks, nor, should we.


  2. I am at the point that i usually just ask “what would you do different?” and try to leave it at that..at least that’s my goal. There is no longer reasonable discussion. People who can barely negotiate life are all of a sudden world economics experts.


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