Wrong Side of History, Again

Every so often, a certain company may do something that people don’t like(Hobby Lobby, for example), and people will boycott them.  I do it.  Not because I think it will necessarily make any difference in the world but because it makes me feel better not give my money to companies that do things which bother me.

There’s something happening now though that I find to be very interesting.  In response to several anti-lgbt laws that some southern states(it’s always the south, isn’t it?) have passed or are trying to pass, many major corporations are pushing back and threatening to basically boycott the states.  Most corporations, given the choice, will choose to do business elsewhere.  They can’t be worrying about their employees being discriminated against.


I’m not a huge Disney fan(even though they own Marvel) but I might have to change my tune.  Apparently, Disney likes to shoot movies in Georgia but is now threatening to go elsewhere because of an anti-lgbt bill that is on the governor’s desk.


I freaking love it! There is now a significant economic price that these states will pay for their bigoted laws.  Get your heads out of the past people.  You’re on the wrong side of history, again!

Isn’t it interesting how capitalism can help to effect social change?  Power to the Peop, er, corporations.


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