I Don’t Need No Doctor

We have so many real problems in the world.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t intentionally create more.  I’ve written in the past about willful ignorance.  Under the heading of, “why in the hell are you so dumb”, take a look at this.


Measles and whooping cough?  Really?  Science found a way to prevent these diseases many years ago and all of a sudden, some idiots decides they know better?  It’s so weird to me when people choose not to vaccinate their kids.  It’s a total disregard for their own child, which is bad enough.  Unfortunately, they are also compromising other kids too.  The key line is this:

“Not vaccinating a child doesn’t just hurt that child, it endangers the health of other kids who can’t be vaccinated for health or age reasons (children with compromised immune systems, for example, maybe not be able to receive vaccinations). As HuffPost previously reported, “When the number of unvaccinated children rises above a certain threshold, so-called ‘herd immunity‘ is compromised — and preventable diseases get a toehold in the community.”

Science is not some nebulous construct.  It’s not religion, which you can choose to believe in or not.  What’s with people ignoring commonly known, accepted, proven scientific facts?

Should there be a law compelling parents to vaccinate?  I don’t know but it’s pretty sad that we should even have to consider it.  Come on people, be smarter than this.

Man, nobody sings like Steve Marriott.  I don’t need no doctor!


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