I wrote a big, long, heartfelt blog entry after the horrible attacks in Paris.  Here we are again.  My feelings towards the terrorists have not changed.  They’re ignorant animals and should be treated as such.  I don’t say that lightly.  I’m pretty much a pacifist.  However, there is no reasoning with these people.  Hunting them down and killing them seems to be the only short term answer.

It’s probably not a long term solution though and maybe we can talk about that in a future blog.  What struck me yesterday though, is how little power these animals actually  have.  These terrorist attacks are, of course, horrible.  Horrible for the dead and their families, horrible for their friends and countrymen, horrible for all of us.  But it struck me that this is really all they’ve got.  These attacks are their hardest punches.  Their reach is limited.  Their resources are limited.  This is not some big world war, where tens or hundreds of thousands of people are killed.  This is a relatively small group of dangerous people who are trying to scare the rest of us.  I’m not scared of them.  Are you?  The people of Paris had it right by going right out to the cafes shortly after the attacks.  As citizens, I think that’s our best response to the attackers.



One thought on “Brussels

  1. As someone who’s spent a lot of time in Brussels I can tell you this was almost inevitable. Wherever these people came from they were enabled by a very large, exclusionary, and, ingrained population in the outskirts of Brussels. The image on TV of the quiet and beautiful architecture in the center of Brussels isn’t a good example of what you’re really going to deal with here. I brought my wife to those neighborhoods… when this went down all she said was “saw that coming…”


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