That Was the Best Cup of Coffee

Are there certain songs that just make you feel good, no matter what?  I don’t mean your typical “feel good” song like Don’t Worry Be Happy.  I’m talking about one that would be considered to be “just another song” by the average person but that, for whatever reason, makes you happy.

Two come to mind for me and since it’s Friday and I’m fried, I thought I’d share them with you rather than vent about politics today.  The first one is a tried and true, Grateful Dead staple.  Over the years, whenever I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m nervous or rattled(a popular word among the high school kids these days, according to my #2 son), I’ve been known to sing this to myself.


Next up is a Jethro Tull song that always makes me happy.  If you heard this song on the radio(you won’t) and all you knew about Tull was Aqualung, you probably would never guess that this song was by them.  I’m pretty sure that I listened to this every single day for a whole semester of my junior year in college.  The driving bass line is infectious and the lyrics warm me up from head to toe.   Happy Friday.




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