Supremely Disappointed

President Obama put up a nominee for the Supreme Court today, Merrick Garland.  Garland is, by all accounts, very qualified for the position.  He is a centrist with two decades of judicial experience.  The President did not nominate a left leaning “activist” judge.  He picked someone that, in any other historical context, would be approved by the Senate with little to no problem.  Predictably, Mitch McConnell came out and said that he will not even hold a hearing.

This is nothing but politics.  Once again, the republican senators are putting their party politics ahead of the good of the country.  The president met them halfway and nominated a centrist.  Now, they are refusing to even do their jobs?  People say that they are tired of business as usual in Washington(see my previous post about Trump).  If McConnell and company hold firm on this, then they get what they deserve in the form of Donald Trump.  I predict that unless they change their tune, they will lose the Senate and the next president(Hello Madam President) will nominate a much more left leaning person to the Court.  Be careful what you wish for, Mitch.

Seems like a good excuse to play some Zevon.


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