My life is generally uncluttered.  Most days, I have plenty of time to surf the net for all of the news that I need, listen to some tasty music, and still get my work done.  Every once in a while though, maybe once or twice a year, five different things pop up all at the same time. This is apparently one of those times.   I feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions at once, like I’m being drawn and quartered, metaphorically speaking.

I’m hoping to get a chance to take in the primary news tonight and depending on if I can stomach the results, write about them tomorrow.  Let’s face it, Kasich is the only one on that side that has the qualifications and the temperament to be president. Hell, I’m pretty sure that he’s the only one on that side that even has a soul.  I don’t agree with him on much but I could live  with him as president if I had to.  Let’s hope that he wins Ohio.

This is a beautiful song from a great duo.  Check em out.





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