Not Enough Fanfare From the Common Man

Following up on the untimely death of Keith Emerson, it came out that it was a suicide.  Emerson shot himself in the head with a shotgun.  His girlfriend told the press that he had been suffering from nerve damage in his hand and that he was distraught that he could not play up to his former abilities.  She went on to say that he was in the habit of reading online reviews and comments from fans and that people were pretty brutal with their comments about his last set of shows.  Emerson had some shows booked in Japan next month and was fretting about playing live again.

I love the internet.  I think it’s generally been a benefit to society.  There’s no denying, however, that the anonymity that it provides seems to give people the licence to be way meaner than they would most likely ever be in person.  I’m not saying anything new here, I know.  Wouldn’t it be great though, if we could all learn to be halfway civil with our online comments?  If we could all raise our right hands and pledge to, no wait…Maybe just be a little kinder online?

RIP Keith Emerson.

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