Hammer March

It was big news over the weekend when Trump did not immediately disavow David Duke and the Klan on CNN, as well it should have been.  He’s done many interviews since then and has proceeded to say all of the right things(wink, wink).  It seems to me though, that the TV journalists continue to miss the mark with their lines of questioning.  Maybe I’ve missed it but here are some questions I would ask Trump.

What is it about you and the campaign that you’re running, that is attracting the white power and white supremacist people to it?  Is it possible that your stances on illegal immigration and on Muslims coming into this country are what is attracting the haters to you?

I’ve been watching the various incidents that keep happening at Trump rallies and it’s getting downright ugly.  There’s a mob mentality there that is dangerously reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  Right now it’s an undercurrent but if this is allowed to grow, well, look out, America. Think I’m overreacting?  It’s been well documented but not that widely reported. I don’t think the average American would even be aware that this is happening.  I wonder if the average American is even aware of the level of racism that still exists in this country.  I’m not talking about Chris Rock and Hollywood racism.  It’s hard to care that much about that when there is genuine, old fashioned, violent racism still out there.


Protesters at Donald Trump Rallies Face Increasing Violence




5 thoughts on “Hammer March

  1. I don’t know. I think BLM is far more dangerous than the KKK. Both are hate / exclusion based groups, but, one is a dinosaur with almost cartoon-like figures. And one is on the rise. Looking at it coldly Im a lot more worried about danger of the message than the party of the messenger.


  2. “He’s done many interviews since then and has proceeded to say all of the right things(wink, wink)” – Here you suggest that he tacitly supports it by not being strong against it. I dont necessarily disagree, but, I dont see it as any different as HRC deferring to BLM. I think Trump is a buffoon and likely a biggot but.. his biggotry is more based on class than race.

    Both parties are very strong at coming out in support of who the *other* side hates. I don’t see a difference.

    Of the remaining candidates I think only Bernie would have the actual backbone to call out the supporters of violence in his own machine. But.. he’s all but done at this point unless the FBI / DOJ get moving.


    1. I’m suggesting that he is aware of and wants the white supremacist vote. Whether he’s actually a bigot, who knows? The thrust of my post is that his rallies are becoming violent and bringing out some angry, hateful people(no other candidates have had this problem) and that perhaps his stances and rhetoric are the reason why.


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