News Media

I hate to keep writing about Trump.  I really do.  He would be a terrible president and the fact that so many people are willing to vote for him is downright disgusting.  That said, this post is really about the media and how they have handled Trump this past year.  Check this out:

Moonves isn’t really saying anything that we didn’t already know, is he?  All the same, it’s very discouraging when the news media gives Trump almost unlimited airtime every night while giving everyone else short shrift.  It’s not like Trump is rolling out new policy positions either.  He mainly just talks about his poll numbers and shouts out that he’s going to build a wall.  Our news media, as Moonves just confirmed, is only interested in profits.  What a revolting situation we find ourselves in.  Wise up, people, and don’t vote for the reality TV star for president.  Pretty please?



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