Strange Days

Today is, of course, a leap year extra day.  It’s also the trade deadline day in the NHL.  If that isn’t enough for you, we are also on the eve of Super Tuesday.  What does it all mean?  Let’s take it one issue at a time.

The whole concept of a leap year is weird, isn’t it?  I understand it.  The earth takes 365 1/4 days to orbit the sun so we bank the 1/4 day and catch up every four years.  That’s a simple enough concept to understand.  It’s still weird though, isn’t it?  Really, the whole idea of our calendar is a little bit screwy to me.  I wonder who it was that first decided that they were in year one?  It’s not as bad as the whole, daylights savings, time manipulation though, is it?  That one really boggles my mind.

Today is also the NHL trade deadline.  This can be a really fun day for hockey fans, even here in Buffalo.As of this writing, there have not been any deals involving the Sabres, who have been sellers for the past several years.  I’m really looking forward to a time when we are buyers again at the deadline.  I want to see what Tim Murray can do as a buyer.  We all know that Darcy Regier was an awful general manager at this time of the year.  I’m not sure how many more years this franchise can fail to make the playoffs without an all out revolt among the fans.

And then there is Super Tuesday.  Come on  people, are you still going to vote for Trump?  In light of this whole, David Duke/KKK thing, let me ask any Trump supporters a question.  Is there anything at all that he could say or do that would ever change your mind?  We know all of the awful things he has said on the campaign trail already so there’s no sense in rehashing it.  Now he has failed to renounce the  endorsement of Duke and then blame it on a faulty earpiece.  Is there anything he can say or do that would change your mind?  What if he was caught on tape making racist comments?  What if there was video of him kicking a dog?  Would anything at all change your mind?

Meanwhile back in the Year One…


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