Dirty Work

There aren’t too many bands left that I’ve never seen and that I still want to catch.  There are a few names on that “must see before they die” list and one of them is Steely Dan.  They famously stopped touring in the mid 70’s because they couldn’t reproduce their studio sound on the road.  The technology eventually caught up to them and they’ve been touring regularly for the last fifteen years or so.

The Dan announced a local casino date and tickets go on sale today.  I would love to see them.  I really would.  However, their ticket prices are ridiculously high.  Tickets prices start at $90 plus fees.  What do you get for that $90 ticket?  Glad you asked.  You get a standing room only ticket in the back of the room.  So, with fees that put the price at well over $100, you get to see them in what is nothing more than a glorified conference room at the casino.   What a shameful money grab!  Granted, Fagan may need the money for legal fees, https://thoughtsfromtheblo.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/pizza-logic/, but that’s his problem, not ours.  The bottom line is that Steely Dan will have to stay on the list for now.  I’m just not down with those kind of ticket prices.

Do you have a “bucket list” for bands and artists that you need to see before it’s too late?  I can’t think of too many that are still touring and who I haven’t already seen. Brian Wilson is on my list but I have tickets to see him in the Fall.  I’d love to catch The Jayhawks if they ever make their way back to Buffalo.  I’ve never seen Van Morrison but he never comes to Buffalo.  Who else?  Leave me a comment and let me know who is on your list.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Work

  1. Certainly not all of these aren’t practical or possible but.. here’s my list.

    1.) Rage against the machine
    2.) Dr. Dre
    3.) Aretha Franklin
    4.) Pearl Jam
    5.) DIonne Warwick
    6.) Clutch
    7.) Gorilaz

    I regret never having seen Johnny Cash


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