Trump This

In light of the Nevada results yesterday, it certainly seems like Trump is going to win the republican nomination, so I thought now might be a good time to go over who would be in a Trump administration.  To do so, we only need to look at the list of celebrities that were on his show.

For Vice President, it’s clear to me that NeNe Leakes will get the nod.  Ms. Leakes will not only help Trump with the African American vote, she will also bring in the crucial, “Housewives” vote.  You want to vote for a woman?  Here’s a woman.  Take that Hillary!

Moving on to Secretary of State, who better to fill this crucial role than the one and only Omorosa.  She’s a tough one, that Omorosa, and will take crap from no one.  Enough of this stupid negotiating with other countries.  It’s our way or the highway, people!  Omorosa will also be able to rely on her assistant Secretary of State, Dennis Rodman, who is already hard at work on normalizing relations with North Korea.

This brings us to Secretary of Defense.  This was a tough call for Trump.  He originally wanted to get Major Tom until he was told that the major is a fictional character.  He was ready to settle for Captain Kangaroo but was saddened to hear of his death in 2004.  Thoughts and prayers to the family.  This left Trump in a quandary.  He eventually settled on George Takei because of his vast knowledge of spaceship weapon systems.

Let’s not forget our new Secretary of Education, the one and only Gary Busey, along with Secretary of Agriculture, wait for it, Snoop Dogg.  Rounding out the cabinet are Secretary of Commerce Sharon Osbourne, and Secretary of Energy Aubrey O’Day(no one has more energy than her. She’s a spitfire!)  In a somewhat controversial move, Trump is also going to appoint himself as the Secretary of Commerce because, after all, who knows more than him about commerce?

There you have it folks.

Now, here’s a great song about a president.




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