Scared Yet?

Does the thought of another President Clinton make you break out in hives?  Although I’m not thrilled with the idea, our choices are slim and the reality is setting in that many of us will not be thrilled with whoever our next president ends up being.

To be clear, I will be absolutely thrilled if and when a woman becomes president and if it’s HRC, I’ll bite the bullet and hope she turns out to be a great one.  What else can we do?

The options on the other side are mostly vomit inducing.  Carson’s a joke and has no chance.  Cruz?  C’mon man!  I have no patience for that weasel.  The last thing we need is another president who makes all of his decisions based upon his religion.  Also, isn’t it ironic that the self professed evangelical is running the dirtiest campaign?  He has little chance anyway, thank god(more irony).

I find myself hoping that Kasich somehow finds his way to the nomination but that seems highly unlikely.  In this election year, he’s what passes for a moderate on the republican side.  Oh, and he just defunded Planned Parenthood today in Ohio so that’s not moderate in my book.  Of all of the remaining republican nominees, he’s the only one that I don’t want to strangle when I listen to him.  His chances are slim so I guess that there’s no sense in wasting much time on him at this point.

What about Rubio?  He’s now taken to referring to himself as a “child of Reagan”.  Isn’t that cute?  He’s young, energetic, and has a nice looking family.  Maybe he could grab a big portion of the Hispanic vote.  I don’t agree with him on almost anything at all but beyond that, he scares me for another reason.  He doesn’t come off as very smart to me.  This is, of course, the biggest job in the world.  I want our president to be the smartest person in the room. Say what you will about President Obama(I love him) but there’s no denying his intelligence.  Rubio fails that test.

So, who does that leave us with?  Oh yeah, Trump.  I just threw up in my mouth even having to type his name.  There’s no sense in pointing out all of his racist, sexist, misogynistic comments.  His supporters don’t care.  In all fairness, I will say that I find myself agreeing with roughly 25% of what Trump has to say.  So if it can’t be Kasich, who I trust much more, I guess I’d rather have Trump than Rubio and certainly more than Cruz.

What a sad state of affairs when a used car salesman, I mean, a reality TV show huckster, is the best presidential option for a major political party.  Hmmm, Hillary’s not sounding all that bad to me now…


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