I Write the Songs

I came home from work on Friday and exchanged the usual words with the lovely Missus. How was your day,  she asked. Good,  I replied. I wrote two songs(hey,  it was Friday,  I wasn’t that motivated to work). To clarify,  they were just lyrics. I have no ability to write music.

Were they about me? Um,  no,  I stammered. I don’t know what they’re about. How could you write songs that aren’t about me, she asked with a smile.

Then today I told my youngest son(17) that I wrote two songs and he asked me the same thing! Were the songs about him? When I told him that his step mom asked me the same question,  he said “it’s a self centered world,  Dad”.

So it is,  kid.  Your dad’s no fool though. I worked hard on a new song today about the Missus!

Here’s Nick Lowe and Rockpile, writing their power pop book. What a tremendously underappreciated band.

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