This just in, writing is a hard thing to do well.  I can hear you now, “no shit, idiot, I’ve been slogging through your stupid blog for four months now”.  I sympathize with you and thanks for reading, by the way.

One of my main reasons for starting this blog was so that I could get back into the writing groove.   This format allows for writing in short bursts.  I don’t have to try to write the next great American novel nor do I really have it in me to write.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  For now, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and maybe do it slightly better today than I did yesterday.

I bring this up because one of my friends that I attempt to play music with, after reading the Hiatt/Carver blog, suggested I should start writing songs.  This is the same friend that suggested I pick up the mandolin and start playing.  Talk about a glutton for punishment!

Have you ever tried to write song lyrics? I haven’t tried to do it since high school.  Wow, is it hard to write anything even remotely original.  I wrote a quick one and then kept refining it.  It’s a silly little song and it’s definitely not for sharing here.  All Along the Watchtower, it ain’t.  Plus, I subject myself to enough ridicule already with my opinions of the world.  Still, it might be fun to keep trying and see if my friends can put my words to music.  Rock on.

I saw the Grateful Dead do Watchtower a number of times.  My favorite was 7-2-87, one of the best days of my life.  Here they are from twelve days earlier.



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