Time, Time, Time

See what’s become of me.  No, this isn’t a post about The Bangles or about Simon & Garfunkel. It’s about time.  The passage of it.  Our perception of it.  Maybe even our fantasies about it.  Plus, if you repeat things three times, people are more apt to believe what you’re saying.  Isn’t that correct, Mr. Trump?

The sci-fi geek in me has always been fascinated by time travel.  Who wouldn’t want to be The Doctor for a little while at least, and travel through time to experience interesting moments first hand?  Where would you go and who would you want to meet?  Popular choices include ex presidents, Lincoln and Washington.  That would certainly be interesting, especially for the history buffs among us.  I wonder though, how would a conversation with Lincoln go?  You’d have almost nothing in common, coming from an entirely different, almost alien,  world.  What would Lincoln or Washington make of us?  I’m guessing there would be a fair amount of disappointment.

Maybe you’re a religious type who would like to travel through time and find Jesus or Moses or whoever.  Wouldn’t that be cool if we could travel through time and see if any of these people ever really existed?  Yes, I seriously question their existence.  I admit that there have been times where, when I’ve been pressed about my devout non-belief, I’ve angered true believers by pointing out that there is no historical proof that Jesus ever existed.  I imagine that’s hard to hear for the true believers out there.  No offense intended but facts are facts people.  The fact is that there are no facts, just faith.  I’ll pass.  Not my kind of fantasy.

In addition to being a scifi/fantasy geek, I’m also a hardcore music geek.  With that in mind, my favorite time travel fantasy involves going to see the Monterey Pop Fest.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monterey_Pop_Festival_(set_list) I’ve seen the movie many times.  What a line up!  And the performances are out of this world.  Of the major festivals, Monterey has always been my favorite.  There were monster sets by The Who and by Jimi.  The Janis set is a revelation[secular].  I could go on and on about this festival but let’s move on to other time travel scenarios.

What if you could travel back and visit your family in the past and maybe gain some insight into their lives back then?  Would you try to change the past?  Stay in the house on March 1st, Uncle Joe, or you’ll get hit by a car!  You might want to stop smoking, Grandma.  It really does cause cancer!  You might want to consider dodging the draft and going to Canada, brother, because you’re going to get blown to bits in Vietnam.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to travel in time to Selma in 1965 and join the march?  To get a first hand glimpse of the people who fought so hard for racial equality and to also see the ones who were so much on the wrong side of history?  We really have come a long way, socially speaking, in the last fifty years, haven’t we?  I was watching the CNN special on the 60’s the other day and this episode was about women.  Did you know that “the pill” was illegal at first?  Or that it then only became legal for married women to get it?  How freaking crazy is that?

Do you have a favorite time travel fantasy?  Perhaps you’re wishing you could go ten minutes into the past so you could skip reading this!

There are a boatload of great songs about time and about time travel.  ’39 by Queen comes to mind as well as  Kashmir, with the line about being a traveler of both time and space.  I’m going off the rails though with a deep cut from the soul charts.







4 thoughts on “Time, Time, Time

  1. Great topic! Here are my time travel plans, in no particular order. 3000 BC to meet the guy who knapped the arrowhead I have tattooed on my arm- his work changed my life. 1960 to link up with my grandfather, who at that point would have been about the same age I am now- he was a great musician, we’d break out the guitars and play some old timey music together. 1969 Woodstock.

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      1. I saw it quite some time ago, but don’t believe I watched all of it. Will have to give it another view/listen. For me, from the time travel perspective, the Woodstock “scene” is nearly as much an interest as the music.


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