Upside Out or Inside Down

Everything is so incredibly partisan these days that sometimes, when a contentious topic comes up such as replacing Scalia, I like to turn the tables.  How would I feel if the situation were reversed and it was a republican president and a senate led by the democrats?  Would I take the opposite  stance?  Would you?

If the situation were reversed, I’d be really upset that the court might potentially tilt back in the opposite direction.  That much is obvious.  But, would I want a democratic senate to shirk their responsibilities and not even consider the president’s nomination?  No way.  This is no different than that idiot, county clerk who would not give out marriage licenses to gay people.  You’ve been elected to a position that obligates you to do certain things.  If you are unable or unwilling to do those things, get the fuck out.  You don’t deserve to be in that position.

I would be very upset if the tables were turned but you know what I would say?  I’d say that elections have consequences and too bad if I’m upset about it.  Work harder for your next presidential candidate then.  Suck it up.  Our lives are bigger than whatever political party we might be aligned with.  Don’t make up some BS nonsense about the last year of a presidency.  Be better than that.


4 thoughts on “Upside Out or Inside Down

  1. I agree that he should send up a nomination for the court. There are several good ones that he could send up that are more towards the center and would most likely get confirmed. But know this guy he will not take the high road and instead send up his own version of Bork, which will not get confirmed. Then he will then maybe send up someone that will.
    I just read an article today from David Axelrod that Scalia recommend Kagan, which tells me a lot about the man, and that the last nomination Obama sent was non to bright. Read the article and you will get why I said that.

    Yes I am a big fan of Scalia and the way he interprets the constitution.


      1. If he sends someone up they have to take it up or risk looking bad, that would play into this do nothing moniker that the other side is trying to paint them as. They either should confirm or reject out right. There is more than enough time to send up 2 people, one he wants and one that can get confirmed.
        I tend to believe it is just election year bluster. It has happened before and it will happen again, no matter the party. But if they do this, they may lose seats that they might have won, it is a risky move by my party.


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