I was watching the Sunday morning talk shows and Peggy Noonan was on. She’s a smart woman who I agree with on almost nothing. In light of Scalia’s passing yesterday,  she described this political moment as epochal. Of course,  as a conservative commentator,  she went on to say that President Obama should leave this nomination to the next president. I could not possibly agree with her less on that but I do agree that this is an epochal political moment.

We should leave this up to the people? Um, I think we did when we voted President Obama into office, twice. Today’s republican party is a disgraceful,  unpatriotic,  tire fire which regularly places party ahead of country. You don’t want a democrat to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice? Then win the presidential election. This just in,  elections have consequences.

Scalia’s body wasn’t even cold before Senate republicans said they would not consider any Obama nominee. I understand their thinking but I think this may very well backfire on them and cost them the senate,  as the democrats hammer them on the issue and the American people get increasingly disgusted with this do nothing Congress.

I also wonder if the President will consider making a recess appointment. Wouldn’t that be something! Epochal times,  indeed.


One thought on “Epochal

  1. I hadn’t thought of a recess appointment! Thanks for the reminder. My guess though is that Obama will nominate one of the Appeals Court judges the Senate already confirmed after the GOP gained majority. That way, if they resist or delay he can say, “You just found this person qualified without objection, but now they are somehow magically unqualified?” It could affect the outcome of elections for the 10 GOP Senators considered vulnerable.


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