Berning Down the House

There are so many stories and plot lines in the wake of the New Hampshire primaries that it was easy to miss this one:

Bernie Sanders just made history, as the first Jew to ever win a presidential primary!  Regardless of whether or not you agree with his policies or if you’re going to vote for him, this is really something.  We seem to be breaking down religious and cultural barriers all over the place in the last few years.  We obviously elected out first black president.  In Mitt Romney, we also had our first Mormon as a major presidential candidate.  The times, they really are a changing, aren’t they?

What’s also really interesting to me is that there hasn’t been much made of Sanders’ religion so far.  It’s been a non-issue, as I think it should be.  Perhaps, if he continues to surge, that will change.  On top of that,  Sanders is not even religious.  He says that he believes in god(oh well, I can’t have everything), but that he does not belong to any organized religion.  So, in other words, he’s your typical, American, Jewish male :).

I bet you didn’t know that Marc Bolan was Jewish!  Girl I’m just a jeepster for your love…


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