Poor Hill

Poor Hillary Clinton.  Seriously.  She’s worked her butt off, fighting for women’s rights for most of her adult life.  On top of that, she’s far and away the most qualified candidate from either party.  What has that gotten her?

Women, particularly younger women, prefer the old Jew from Vermont that is outflanking her on her left, just like Obama did in 2008.


The frustration is starting to show.


Why is this happening?  Is it that pesky Iraq war vote which Bernie keeps hammering her with?  Are younger voters seduced by Bernie’s promises of free college?  Or maybe the younger generation of women voters just doesn’t find the idea of a female president to be that big of a deal?  I truly don’t know.

It certainly seems like a majority of women over the age of forty are in her corner.  My lovely wife, who is one of the least political people I know, is all in for Hillary.  I’m pretty sure that every female member of my extended family will blow a gasket if Hillary doesn’t win so the men in our family are not looking forward to that possibility.

There’s just no predicting this stuff.  A year ago, I thought Hillary would run away with the whole thing, riding a wave of women voters.  Maybe that will still happen but it’s no longer a slam dunk, is it?

PS I’ve been trying for a while now to find a great song about women’s rights or women’s empowerment.  I got nothing.  At least not by any artist that I even remotely like.  Any suggestions?  For now, I’m just going with this favorite of mine by Neko Case, which is completely off topic.



2 thoughts on “Poor Hill

  1. Could it be that she is too entrenched in the “Establishment” for the younger crowd? We,the older (well medium old for statistical purposes) generation seems to understand all that it takes to accomplish what she has done, which is not always tidy in the political realm. Maybe we turn a little bit of a blind eye to the “email issues” knowing that Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice did the same thing and that it’s probably just business as usual in the gov’t.
    Maybe you’re right. The idea of a free college is nice. I know I’d like that right now. Maybe the younger generation is more in to the idea that it’s not about the physical anatomy or color of the president that matters…just do a decent job.


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