Oh Canada

One of the great benefits of living in a border town is the ability to watch and listen to Canadian media. I suppose you can do that online but it’s not the same as listening to Toronto and Niagara radio in your car, which is what I’ve been doing again for the past year. I traded my car in last year and gave up my beloved satellite radio.

One of the quirky things about Canadian radio is that they have a law which mandates that a certain percentage of the artists played must be Canadian. This makes for some interesting rock radio.

We all know the big names in Canadian rock music : Rush,  Neil Young,  Joni Mitchell, The Tragically Hip,  etc. What’s interesting to me though is hearing the second and third tier artists that are still played in Canada but not so much anywhere else. Rock radio stations in the States might still play the odd April Wine song but not Honeymoon Suite,  The Payolas or Gowan. You’ll here The Guess Who but not Chilliwack, Lighthouse, A Foot in Cold Water, or Aldo Nova. It’s fun to hear most of this music again.

Do you have a favorite second or third tier, Canadian artist? If so,  leave me a comment.


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