I’ve been following a news story in Phoenix which has to do with their city council meetings and the prayer they say before each one.  Here’s a link.


Anyone who knows me or has read some of my earlier blogs will know where I come down on this.  There should be no prayers before, during, or after government functions.  We are a nation of many religions. We are also a nation that thankfully does not require its citizens to have any religion, if they so choose.  Why do people feel the need to pray in public, government settings like this?  And why does it take a bunch of “satanists” to effect change?    What they’re really saying is that they want prayer but only if it’s to a “god” they approve of.  Sorry, that’s a load of crap.  Thank “god” we have the first amendment.  Their own city attorney had to tell them that they cannot exclude any group from having a turn at the prayer so they have switched to a moment of silence.

These “satanists” have found the chink in the public prayer armor and I love it!


One thought on “Godless

  1. Perhaps all of humanity could eventually settle on one universal maxim to be recited before all public meetings. I recommend this…”Be excellent to each other…and party on dudes!”

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