Boxers or Briefs?

Remember that question that someone asked Bill Clinton on MTV?

Even as I type this, I’m not 100% sure that I’ll post it.  I mean, does anyone really want to read about boxer shorts?  Probably not.  Still, I think this is a funny story, so, I’ll type it out and decide whether or not to post it when I’m done.

It’s January in Buffalo and even though we’ve been extremely lucky with the amount of snowfall so far, it’s still the dead of winter here and it’s obviously cold.  I have a pair of flannel boxer shorts which I might wear a few times per year, and I decided to wear them today.  As I’m driving to work, it occurred to me that I have had these flannel boxers for probably twelve to fifteen years!  I know this because they were a Christmas present from my ex-wife’s parents and it’s been that many years since they would have bought me anything.

It’s a running joke with me and the Missus that I have various articles of clothing which I still wear that are “teenagers”. Is this a common thing for guys or is it just me?  To go back even further, I still have plenty of concert t-shirts that are 25-35 years old.  I don’t exactly fit into them anymore but I still have them!

That’s it.  I hope I made you chuckle.





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