And Through the Wire

In a strange coincidence, I was reading this great column:

While at the same time, listening to this:

And through the wire You are secure
And through the wire We can talk
And through the wire We can walk
And through the wire We’re clinging like leeches
And through the wire We push out tailormade speeches
And through the wire We get so strange across the border
We get so strange across the border

I’m not exactly sure what Gabriel is singing about in this great song from his even greater album but I thought the column from Holocaust survivor, Gene Klein, was very powerful and that it provides a unique perspective on the plight of the Syrian refugees.

Interestingly enough, two songs later on the same album, Gabriel sings the following:

It’s only water
In a stranger’s tear
Looks are deceptive
But distinctions are clear
A foreign body
And a foreign mind
Never welcome
In the land of the blind
You may look like we do
Talk like we do
But you know how it is

You’re not one of us
Not one of us
No you’re not one of us



2 thoughts on “And Through the Wire

  1. A tremendously difficult but uplifting and thought provoking article. After reading this I recall the nonsense in Oregon and think “what freedoms are they fighting for? What aspect of the Constitution is being stripped from us and that they are going to restore?” Only a little digging will show you that they are there for their own profit (hint they want to utilize the land for their own gains). What makes the U.S. less great now than it was in the 1800 and 1900’s?” Wasn’t it in those years that we absorbed immigrants looking for opportunities to improve their lot in life?

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