like rain on your wedding day

There have been a couple of gun related items in the news lately that are just dripping with irony.  Yes, I know that Alanis did not know the meaning of irony when she wrote that song but I still think it’s funny, so I’m using her lyric for the title of this blog entry.  I mean, really?  Rain on your wedding day?  How is that ironic?  It still makes me laugh when I hear it.

Two recent gun related stories in the news would also make me laugh if it wasn’t such a serious issue.  An idiot in Washington state brought an unholstered gun, tucked into his waistband, to a movie theater because he was afraid of a mass shooting.  He then accidentally shot a woman sitting in front of him.  Now that, dear readers, is irony.  What makes this story doubly ironic is that the movie he went to see is 13 Hours, the idiotic Benghazi movie.

Here’s a little tip for all of you gun lovers out there.  If you want your opinions on this topic to be taken seriously by the rest of us, be more responsible with your deadly weapons.  Maybe, instead of just having background checks, we should require potential gun owners to take an IQ test.  What else but stupidity could lead to this?

The other gun related story that caught my eye this week was about the gun store owner and his son who were shot and killed in a shoot out with a customer in a dispute over $25.  Two dead.  Over $25.  There are multiple layers of irony here and nothing very funny about it.

Guns are so ingrained in our culture that I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever grow up and mature as a society.  I have to remind myself though that we can and do move on from even the most entrenched ideas.  If you told me ten or fifteen years ago that gay marriage would be legal this soon, I never would have believed you.  Change does come and I truly do believe that we will eventually turn the page on our views about firearms.  It will be a fight though(hopefully not a gunfight, because, you know, my side doesn’t have any guns)



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