Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

It was fun going through songs with great hand claps in them and there are some more good ones to go through in a future post.  It occurred to me though that there are also great songs which feature some first class whistling in them.  Here are a few of them.  If you can think of other good ones, let er fly in the comment section.

This beauty from Peter Gabriel is the first one that came to mind(that’s a lie, it was actually the Andy Griffith theme song).  Off his 3rd album, which is far and away my favorite of his, who didn’t always sing, “she’s so fronteay” when it first came out.  Peter and his fancy foreign languages.

Next up is The Stranger from Billy Joel.  Hey, wasn’t he also on our hand clap list?  That Billy, he’s like the guy in the old kung fu movies whose specialty is using whatever is close at hand.

From The Stranger to Goodbye Stranger, this is off of Supertramps’ 1979 blockbuster album.  For fans of Supernatural, it was also featured prominently in an episode from two seasons ago.

This may be the coolest use of whistling in a rock song ever.

Paul Simon is another duel threat, having made the hand clap list with Cecilia.  Here he is getting his world music whistle on.

This list would not be complete without the J. Geils Band!  Not many bands had a better year in 1981 than they did.  We saw the Geils band two summers ago and were blown away by how great they were.  It was their first visit back to Buffalo since ’81.

Okay, one more.  Perhaps the most famous whistling song, listening to this song makes me wish it was Summer right now.

There are some other whistling songs that I can think of but I don’t like them(that means you, Axl). Take it away, Clint.



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